Become a Food Vendor



On behalf of Neon Desert Music Festival, thank you for your interest in participating as a festival food vendor. The food court will be an essential element of the festival experience.

We are committed to providing delicious, reasonably priced food options for NDMF patrons to enjoy. Selected food vendors have the opportunity to present their business to a captive audience of over twenty thousand people. Our goal is to make NDMF a successful event for all artists, patrons and vendors.

Visit for festival updates.

We are hoping to offer our festival goers the most respected and admired food vendors in the region.

We have put together some general vendor information for your convenience, below. If you are selected as a NDMF food vendor, a more comprehensive “Festival Vendor Information” packet will be emailed to you.

Vendor space on the festival grounds is limited so please submit your application as soon as possible. Applications close on 3/20/2019.


All food vendors keep 100% of profits.

For $2,000, we will provide you with the following:

10×10’ tent or food truck vending spot in General Admission, signage, basic power, light, 1 table, 2 chairs, and 8 passes for staff


*Additional power can be purchased in advance from our vendor team.

*Vendors must offer 2-3 points of sale in order to efficiently serve.


Deadline for completed applications- 3/20/2019

Vendors notified of acceptance-3/27/2019

Vendors must confirm participation by – 4/3/2019

Deadline for full payment and all required paperwork- 4/17/2019

Paperwork will include:

  • Copy of Sales Tax and Use Permits
  • Copy of current Health Inspections dated 2019
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Extra Power Request
  • Confirmation of payment ($2000)
  • Confirmed Menu and Pricing
  • NDMF Food Vendor Contract

Booth set up/load in- 5/24/2019

Full Load-Out Sunday evening immediately after festival ends.

All food vendors keep 100% of profits.


Vendors are prohibited from selling alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages, including water.

Neon Desert Music Festival’s goal is to provide great food, friendly service and low patron waiting time. Vendor food items should be able to be prepared quickly and efficiently in order to accommodate the large amount of traffic including artists, volunteers and staff. Please present 4-5 individually priced and unique menu items. Make sure your menu selections can be served in a timely manner. Point of service is critical to efficient turnaround (more sales!).

Selected vendors will not be permitted to sell any items not approved by NDMF. We also reserve the right to remove specific items from your menu in accordance with our policies listed in the selected vendor packet.

Food vendors may not sell t-shirt, hats, koozies, or any other non-food or beverage items without prior written consent from NDMF.

NDMF will also be given 4 food vouchers to provide staff with to ensure quality control.


The main goal of our food court is to serve our patrons quality menu items by professional, friendly staff.

Food vendors are responsible for supplying their own register, cash box, change bags and tip jars.

Each food vendor must provide their own monetary change for customer transactions. We will not provide or arrange for cash change. Please plan accordingly with your banking institution.


Selected Food Vendors may ONLY sell items pre-approved by NDMF.

Signage: Our creative team will design and produce the signage for all booths ensuring a unified, professional and visually appealing food court. This will be set up by our team at your booth before arrival. Vendor title (note: no logo, taglines or other graphics), menu items and pricing are featured on a colorful banner. The simpler; the better.

Eco-Friendly: NDMF is making every effort to minimize our impact on the environment and are looking for vendors with the same goal in mind. Please try using eco-friendly products.

Power: The power scheme of the food courts is quite complicated. Basic power and lighting are provided by NDMF. Additional needs required above the base provided will be priced and billed per vendor. More information will be provided upon acceptance. Vendors may not use additional booths, tents or signage (including flags, banners, etc.) Booth space may not be subleased or combined with another business other than the company doing business as named on the application and contract. This includes other operating businesses owned under the same corporation operating under a different name.

Propane must be used for all on-site cooking and must comply with City of El Paso regulations. Each food vendor must provide an approved fire extinguisher (carbon dioxide or multi-purpose dry chemical with a minimum of twenty pounds) in his or her booth.

Vendors are responsible for health department approved flooring if applicable.

No “Hawking” (soliciting of festival patrons by use of bull horns, oral soliciting, customer incentive, or perceived added value in exchange for business) of any kind. No motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted during operating, or otherwise defined hours, to transport inventory, employees, paper goods, etc.

Vendors must have a manager on duty at all times that holds the City of El Paso Sanitation Certification.

Staff credentials are non-transferable and are to be used by working staff only.

Proof of all applicable permits and insurance is required on-site at all times and upon first vendor payment. Applicable permits and insurance requirements will be identified in the selected vendors’ information packet.

Booth fees are non-refundable. Neon Desert Music Festival is a rain or shine event.

For info contact :


  1. Agree to terms
  2. Enter your company’s information
  3. Enter 4 unique menu items.

Please check your contact information and menu for typos!

Do not submit more than one application.

Any incomplete applications will not be considered.

For additional questions, please email